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Kathryn Hammond - Professional Organiser

I have always loved organising, but originally, I was an ‘organised hoarder’. I had boxes and boxes of stuff, but it was all neatly organised and labelled and I never thought of myself as someone with hoarding tendencies. But as I ran out of space to store my boxes and stuff …. I realised I might have had a problem.

About 14 years ago I started to undertake some organising courses and was able to let go of so much clutter in my home. It really changed my life and I felt so free now that I was no longer surrounded by 'stuff'. I wanted to be able to share what I had learnt, but fear of starting a business stopped me from moving forward at that time.

Finally, this year, I chose my word of the year as ACTION – and immediately as I chose it, I signed up for organiser training and registered my business name and ACTION ORGANISING WAS BORN.

I have been constantly learning since, undertaking five different training sessions for professoinal organising and also hoarding and squalor. I am currently undergoing a series of short learning courses related to the field.

I have worked in the community sector for 30 years now, and love working with people. Having worked specifically with seniors and people with disabilities over the past 10 years, I have an understanding of the difficulties in downsizing and letting go, and this is where my ‘organising with heart’ tagline comes in. My personal values of kindness and compassion support me in working with clients ensuring they feel nurtured as they make difficult decisions in ‘letting go’ of items.

I am passionate about helping people free themselves from clutter and having a space that is clutter free, welcoming and provides a home that gives you a sense of peace.

Please feel free to connect with me so we can discuss your needs.